Hankook 24h Brno Epilog 2016

24h races are always special. I already had some experience with so long race run from Le Mans, but here I had the unique opportunity to get close to the action. Feel the tension in the boxes, smell the fuel and burning rubber. Join the happiness and frustration of the teams and become a part of this great event.   Without guys from Velocita movie it would never happen. You will definitely hear more about this great project, yet you can look at their website www.velocitamovie.com It was difficult for me and for drivers. The 24h race is terrible, harsh, uncompromising and beautiful at the same time. The circuit is great with lots of elevation and deep forest around. At the night nothing less than absolutely terrifying darkness. For the whole Velocita team I want to thank  MSG Motorsport GmbH, VÁLEK Autosport and Milan Kodídek and Dan Zelinsky drivers for their support. Congratulations to MSG Motorsport GmbH for victory in its class and overall winner Scuderia Praha!